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Portable Toilet & Sink Rentals by C&R Pumpers

Portable Toilet (Porta Potties) Rental

They are known by many names: porta potty, porta-john, chemical toilet, honey bucket, portable loos, johnny-on-the-spot, and more, but despite their sometimes less-than-stellar reputation as unpleasant or unclean, porta potties are a resource in high demand! As the country experiences a construction boom and demand from public and private events and recreation sites grows, the portable toilet (porta potties) rental industry continues to thrive. C&R Pumpers is proud to offer a product that surpasses expectations. Not only do we provide the premier septic tank pumping, septic tank cleaning, septic tank maintenance, and septic inspection services, we also proudly rent and service exceptionally clean and modern portable toilets including handicap accessible units and hand washing stations. Whether you are renting one portable toilet or a dozen porta potties for weddings, family reunions, community events, parties, construction job sites, farms, or family ponds, C&R Pumpers can provide the sanitary personal hygiene facilities your family, guests, or employees need. From one day events to a permanent placement for porta potties on your property, give us a call.

Benefits of the Portable Toilet

Aside from the unmatched convenience porta potties provide, there are a number of beneficial environmental factors to consider when planning your portable toilet rental for parties, events, or construction sites. According to the Portable Sanitation Association, porta potties save 45 billion gallons of fresh water each year. An American actually use more water each day flushing the toilet than anything else, even showering. A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water in a single day. Conversely, porta potties significantly cut down on water usage, especially for large parties or public and private events. In fact, a porta potty uses 90% less water than a normal toilet! Having a porta potty on site offers an environmentally conscious alternative to standard plumbing! Perhaps the most defining feature of the portable toilet is the blue liquid inside. However, the chemical product used inside porta potties is not blue for aesthetic reasons. While the blue liquid inside the porta potty is mainly present to cover the unsightly appearance of the waste, it is also antibacterial and creates a more pleasant smell inside the portable toilet.

Portable Toilet Servicing

We pride ourselves on providing nothing but the best for our customers, and we accomplish this by providing stellar servicing for your portable toilet or toilets. Much like the septic tank service and septic tank pumping we provide to customers across Northeast Wisconsin, our service routes are customizable based on your unique needs. From bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, we service porta potties rented through C&R Pumpers or porta potties you already own. Serving Northeast Wisconsin – Appleton, Chilton, New Holstein, Manitowoc, Brillion, Sheboygan, and surrounding areas.