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Septic System Products

Environmentally Safe Products for Healthy Septic Systems!

Using the right products for your septic tank maintenance is a key factor in ensuring your septic system continues to function properly! Knowing the answer to the question “How does a septic tank work?” is vital information when choosing your septic tank service products. Septic systems house naturally occurring bacteria that breaks down solid waste in the septic tank. As the bacteria breaks down the solids, liquid waste flows into the leach field where it disperses into the ground. While a few household chemicals are down in the septic system, many are toxic to the bacteria that helps your septic system function.

Products that can Damage Your Septic System

  1. Household Cleaners: Household cleaners kill all bacteria, regardless of whether they are good or bad, and without the necessary bacteria in your septic system, the tank can become full, leading to a plugged leach field. Once plugged, you will need to call a professional for a septic tank pumping. Avoid disposing large amounts of cleaner in your septic system and take care to use “septic safe” products.
  2. Drain Cleaners: Drain cleaners are highly corrosive, and when used incorrectly, can kill the bacteria needed to help your septic system function. When used incorrectly for long durations, drain cleaners can cause damage to your drains and pipes!
  3. Detergents: Many laundry and dish detergents contain phosphates that can harm rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water by causing excessive algae growth that can kill aquatic plant and marine life. If they cause so much damage to large bodies of water, imagine the damage they can cause to the delicate ecosystem inside your septic system!

Our Product Recommendations

We also sell a variety of other products, including septic risers, septic covers, vent pipe, inspection pipe caps, and warning labels.